One thought on “Dwyer 4-16-18 Billions’ Bobby Axelrod – Real World Cryptocurrency

  1. Hey Dweyer

    I am writing on behalf of Passziv Milliomos who is a very famous Hungarian YouTuber and online crypto evangelist in the Hungarian community.

    In the last 8 years, he has amassed a whopping 8 figure wealth off of crypto alone. No wonder they call him the “Hungarian Bitcoin Pope”. 😁

    He is the one also Cc’d in this email

    Please check out his channel here:

    He is starting a brand new international series featuring interesting crypto YouTubers from around the globe.

    This is where you come into the picture.

    We propose a fun collab that would be all about you, your work, and your channel.

    He wants to make a quick, say 30-40 minute long conversation/interview video with you (in English, of course.), in which he would introduce them to his viewers and direct his English-speaking viewers to your channel.

    But most importantly you could totally shill the heck out of anything you want to push!

    The conversation would be in English (of course) and we would either subtitle it or dub it later. We will take care of the complete post-production, as well.

    This would be primarily for his channel but should you find the end product interesting, you could use it for your channel, too, of course.

    In our experience people like the kind of content that features the possibly-not-very-well-known human/personal side of their favorite YouTuber – YOU.

    It is perfect for a change of beat on your channel, and use it as free quality content.

    In short, this could be very beneficial for both of you.

    Let’s discuss the details!

    What say you?

    Thanks for reading this.

    Peace out!



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