Dwyer 8-1-16 9-17-16 Saul Alvarez v. Liam Smith

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One thought on “Dwyer 8-1-16 9-17-16 Saul Alvarez v. Liam Smith

  1. Dwyer, like you I have never been completely sold on Canelo Alvarez. I felt he lost fights against Trout and Lara. You could argue that the Cotto fight was closer than the judges’ scorecards suggested. In my opinion, Alvarez is a Middleweight, fighting guys who are smaller than him, and not necessarily winning! Though he has some strong points in his game, straight right hand and left hook, his overall boxing skills are over-rated. I am from the UK, and I have not seen much of Liam Smith, seen more of his brother Callum, but I will guess that Alvarez will have all the advantages in terms of ring size, choice of gloves, and scoring system. Smith will have to go there and knock him out or stop him which makes this fight interesting. Alvarez is a good fighter without being exceptional, but he is also a protected fighter. He is everything that is wrong about boxing in terms of the sport and the business.


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