Dwyer 7-8-16 Gennady Golovkin v. Kell Brook

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2 thoughts on “Dwyer 7-8-16 Gennady Golovkin v. Kell Brook

  1. I completly agree with you about the way brook might not disturb GGG sufficiently… despite his punch. He might have something else diferent from speed and foot and punch, wich he will also need. This something else diferent, is mainly internally, to be diferent that he uses to, to become diferent that he used to. And he seems a fighter prisoned from his skills. Because to much confortable with its, though boxing needs others… Unable to impose a false rhythm, preventing ggg from reading his (brook) actions… And also preventing ggg’s coach from readind its during 12 rounds.
    Claude from martinique,. Thank for your accurate analysis which helps me to make mine. Even if my English is weak i understand u clearly.


  2. Brook has to be given a lot of credit for taking his fight, I agree with Dwyer on that point. However, I am of the opposite opinion to Dwyer in that I think Brook has the ability to neutralise Golovkin mid-range game. I watched the Brook-Porter fight twice and while I will say that Porter’s skill level is not on the same page as Golovkin, Brook did time his punches on Porter as made his way out of the clinches and close quarters. Remember, it was Porter who wanted to work inside and rough Brook up. Brook just simply neutralise his tactics while imposing his own game plan. Brook has an underestimated inside game and has the ability to shortened his fight strategy. He can adapt his game. My only worry about Brook is that he tends not to move his head and he can be target practice for Golovkin if he doesn’t position his head at an angle that makes it difficult for him get hit at short range. Brook has matured nicely and while the level of his opponents has not been the best preparation for this fight, I believe he is mentally strong enough to take this fight into the later rounds by taking Golovkin’s power away from him. This is not an easy Golovkin win, though I will concede that he is the favourite and may be victorious, but a close points decision that can go in Brook’s favour.


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